Samuels House....

by The Squirrell 30. July 2013 20:04

I know having a "Play House" is a bit girly, but I

thought Samuel would like one to play in and take

his cars into out of the sun? (Boy its been hot here!!)


I got this one, and I admit painting flowers on the front

and his name on the door was a touch girly, he seemed to

appreciate it?!


He loves it, and sits in there with his cars, in the shade

of the day. Although he's growing so fast I am not

sure how long he will able to use it?!


Thank you followers for all your messages about 

Sam (And all of us!) We are plodding along okay

and all enjoying the good weather (and my

reasonable health ! )


(Although I am struggling with my weight gain post

transplant, QEH are trying to help me lower my steriods

without bringing in rejection, so watch this space!!)



Excuse the slightly "Big Bad Wolf" picture last of all...

I am sure seeing that face will scare Samuel half to death?! 



Hot Hot....

by The Squirrell 21. July 2013 19:53

As the UK sees record temp's of almost

90 degrees, I was worried about Samuel in

the heat...



(As he's also sporting a cut nose from a recent fall!) 


Then I remembered I had an OLD dome tent !


Grampy and I erected it in my garden in the

shade of a tree and Samuel was cool and had

fun coming in and out with toys, and we even had

an impromptu picnic out there!!


I hope the heat dies back abit soon, as its

really taking its toll on me, and

I have a stinking cold bug to which I cant

shift ! Maybe decamping into the tent is not a

bad idea?!


Video of Grampy...

by The Squirrell 26. May 2013 23:00

First time to try to upload a video!!


Was a lovely day today, so Grampy and Samuel decided to

go exploring (Thanks to George for permission to wander!)


Samuel LOVES the Jeep Grampy built him and they go out

together for a ride often (Weather and terrain permitting!)


New edition....

by The Squirrell 25. May 2013 22:57

There are reasons why Dad and I are not allowed out

on our own !...


Especially when there's a Classic Auction running !



Drives well, but got to get a seat belt fitted for Samuels car seat!



by The Squirrell 25. April 2013 19:10

Although I not am a "Dog person" once a lifetime comes an animal

that is such a gentle, loving, funny, courageous, creature you

find yourself wondering what you'd do with out them?....


Today we all had to answer that question.....


Thank you Louis for making Samuel appreciate what a

wonderful thing  a canine companion can be. He is missing

you and saying "Woof" everytime he passes where

you sleep.


Rest easy Puppy, we love you, and you leave a big hole in the family....



Samuel in the Sun...

by The Squirrell 23. April 2013 23:27

Well Spring may well be on its way?...


Samuel and I prepared for what was a wonderful day

playing and chuckling in and out of the sun...

(Both wearing sun screen obviously!)


He was wonderful company all day....


Novel idea, in pictures...

by The Squirrell 1. April 2013 19:56

In light of recent events I have decided that THIS 

is a really novel and good idea.


For April, I will be adhering to this to reflect on in a

months time..


I encourage you to do this as well...


(with modern cameras/phones it will take 3 seconds a day?!)


Sad Easter....

by The Squirrell 30. March 2013 19:47

To Dorein -


Thank you for many years of love, laughter, warmth and

the best cuddles!


Our lives are colder and sadder already. But most of all,

thank you for teaching Samuel all that is wonderful about Cats...


 His big grey friend is already being missed as Samuel roams

the house searching at everyone of your sleeping places...


Sleep well my beloved friend....


Samuels Jeep !

by The Squirrell 5. March 2013 22:26

I asked my (fantastic!) Dad if he could, and would like to,

build Samuel a Pedal Car or such, form his "Grampy" so he

can enjoy it, and maybe pass it onto his kids?


Dad elaborated on this idea, and said "Typical Rumney style" can

we upgrade this idea and make it electric?


We thought long and hard and decided that if you can get a 12V

plastic car in ToysRus, then why not? (Dad was thinking BIG at this

point though so we set on the idea of "altering" a broken Mobility

scooter etc?


He said "Leave it to me, I have some odds and ends I can use

and I will make him something!..."


The below photo "Build Diary" speaks volumes!


(I love my talented and wonderful Dad!!)



Sunny Day in the garden!...

by The Squirrell 5. March 2013 21:09

The first of hopefully SOME sunny days in 2013 was a great excuse for

Samuel and I to take to the garden. he is not long ONE, so I am keen for him

to get outside and play in the mud, splash water, and enjoy nature!


He has been anxious about the outside since he fell in the snow, but today

put on his "Big Boy Pants" and sucked up his courage!.....We had a lovely day finding

empty snail shells and collecting them up, splashing in some warm water

I put in a bowl, eating an ice lolly as part of our "Picnic" and just enjoying each

others company.


He has been a delight ALL day. I may feel poorly, but his light and love made it

all go away for a day....


Thank you my beloved boy ! X


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