QEH... Mot

by The Squirrell 9. January 2014 20:43

Today was an anxious day...


I went for my 5 year "MOT" at QEH. Jane and

I went up early in a hopeful mood, hoping that

all would be ok, but tinged with trepidation in case all

was not well...


THANKFULLY, QEH are satisfied at present, and apart from a telling

off for my weight gain (And trying to do things that are a bit dangerous!)

I was allowed home with just some alterations to my medications!


After the 5 year anniversary, and now today, my spirits are

lifted from a dark mood following some complications and

angst earlier in 2013.


My thanks to you all for your continued support, interest,

friendship and caring, without which my ongoing life and loves

would be fruitless. Special thanks go to QEH Team, my Jane, Parents,

girls and loved ones (Samuel still a bit young to understand!)


I often think about my donors family and wish I could tell them

how grateful I am, and how I hope my donor would be proud of

the gift they gave me, and what it has allowed me to do...


5 years today...

by The Squirrell 2. January 2014 21:28

Today is the 5th anniversary of my Heart Transplant.


It is with much thanks and love that I spend the

day with Family and loved ones. All the ongoing

love, support, laughter, and understanding is

appreciated beyond measure...


I send a prayer and thoughts however to my donors family

who are today mourning the loss of their loved one who

so courageously gave ME the gift of life... RIP.


Be thankful followers and Carpe Diem !...

Life is a short, fragile, and precious thing...


Happy New Year.


Xmas 2013...

by The Squirrell 25. December 2013 23:11

A huge milestone marked...Another Christmas....


We had a lovely day, and I relished every minute of

love and laughter with my family. BUT this was tinged

with sadness and empathy for my donors family

who had another Xmas without a loved one at the table.


My thoughts go out to them with much love and respect....



New Wellie boots !...

by The Squirrell 3. December 2013 23:13

Samuel got his FIRST (Of many to come) pair

of Wellies today!


He mastered getting them on okay, and so we

celebrated (With an exhausted Nanny) in the

garden finding things to sweep up, splash amongst,

roll in, and wade through in dry warmth!


It was a cold, invigorating day, but my wonderous new ticker

kept me warm and propelled throughout. Today was good day

when all the tablet woes, achy joints, upset tummy, lethergy etc

went away and Samuel and I had laughter and love doing "Man things"

in the garden!


Samuel 2 today !

by The Squirrell 8. November 2013 23:03

Times flies !...


Cannot believe my beautiful little boy is 2 !


He celebrated in style with a Fireman Sam outfit

and was spoiled rotten all day!


I am so grateful for to my donor (God rest him) and to his

family. I think about them often, more so on momentous occasions

such as this that I have only got to see, thanks to the wonderful

gift of life that he and QEH gave me almost 5 years ago...


Happy Birthday Sammy... I love you.  Dad x


Samuel 2 !!

by The Squirrell 6. November 2013 22:53

Happiness is - Chocolate around your face,

a damp stick to explore, and poke things with,

a warm coat, a chilly November day and Daddy

to show you where all the good stuff is to poke with

your stick !


Had a wonderful day with Samuel today, doing man stuff !!


Heart ticking along, albeit with a broken foot !!


Can't believe Sam is TWO years old on Friday!


Where's the time gone?!....


Williams F1....

by The Squirrell 28. October 2013 22:51

Just a HUGE thanks to my Cousin for

taking Dad and I to his "Work" for the day

so we could see what his company do...


As you know I am a mad car fiend, and today

was heaven for Dad and I.


Had a tour, a roam about the old cars, a nice

complimentary breakfast etc and settled in to

watch Williams F1 lose another Grand Prix ! 


(But at least we were at their home base to cheer them on!)


A great day, and heart didn't miss a beat !



by The Squirrell 17. October 2013 23:50

People who don't look where they are going, especially down

country lanes at night, get right on my...*CENSORED*!


Otters are rare enough in the UK, but this, BIG, healthy, prime

of life Boy, was minding his own business on a straight bit of road

when some one bumped him!


I have take to an online rant, to vent my upset and anger at

this. This serves as a reminder to us all that we are to complacent 

on the roads, and should pay more attension to whats going on than

the radio/phone/sidewindows etc!


DRIVE SAFE PLEASE FOLLOWERS, this could have been a person.... 




by The Squirrell 27. September 2013 22:15

Due to one thing and another I have neglected my blog a bit !


The duties of doting Dad and getting well again are time consuming !


I have been very low, as my weight continues to increase every

time I so much as smell a cake or chip shop! QEH have been

very supportive as ever, and are trying to reduce my steriods

to help with the weight, I am also REALLY being careful what

I eat and when.


I had a bad batch of norovirus which hit me hard for a few

weeks and I just couldn't seem to drag myself back up to

"Typical Matt" antics, just lay in bed, trying not to mess the

bed, or puke into my tissue box!!  


Jane and Hannah also got a good dose of it, but had the 

 advantage of an immune system to fight it! BUT

all in all you did not want to be our sewage pipe !!


I am now up and around and more importantly making up for

lost time with Samuel and our play times! He is coming on a

treat, and for all those who have emailed making lovely

enquiries about us all, here are some recent pics of Samuel



Thanks for looking in followers!...Watch this space!                                                                                                                                            


QEH today...

by The Squirrell 15. August 2013 05:36

Due to my escalating weight, QEH is trying to ween

my body off the steroids.


Sadly as I been on them to long, they fear I am now "hooked"

and my glands will no longer produce my own hormones etc as

they have become "lazy"?


I have been suffering with extreme fatigue (legs, arms, neck pain etc)

and tiredness. Also dizzy spells, sickness and general "felling like crap"!

I am told this is all part of the withdrawl symptoms, and so they are reluctant 

to take me off completely.


Sadly there is also a HIGH chance of my rejecting due to the lowering of

the steriods. QEH have told me that the weight NEEDS to come off as its

now life threatening. (I have gained 20KG post transplant in 4 years!)


I am off to QEH today for a heart biopsy, and a barrage of tests so am

very anxious, but also still craving cakes!! (Dam these steroids!!)


Wish me luck!!  Smile


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My name's Matt. I was born with a congenital heart defect which hampered me in my youth, and sadly became a terminal conditon recently, and beyond the (amazing) care of the BRI-Bristol Heart team.

In 2008, my condition deteriorated, to a point I was happy to see Xmas 2008. I had prepared to die.

Then in January 2009, a late night phone call from QEH-Hospital Birmingham changed my world, when they offered me a heart transplant, if I could get there pronto!!

6 months on, after a rocky start, I am still alive, thanks to them!

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