Climbing high.....

by The Squirrell 30. September 2010 13:15

After a whimsical drive to Street, to the outlet village,

my car seemed strangely drawn towards Glastonbury?!

(Maybe the engine oil had druidic properties, and felt

the lure of a Solstice?!)

At Glastonbury is "The Tor", built atop a HUGE mound, and

is of historic significance etc. However, the "HUGE mound"

is just what is says!....I was curious to see if my glorious

new ticker, was up to the challenge of such a climb? (See the pic of

the information board, for an idea of scale!)

After a COLD labourious climb, we made it! And no Ambulance required !!




by The Squirrell 26. September 2010 13:58

My new ticker and I have finally made it the UK!!

The elation of being able to travel, walk about the race track,

get up to some mischief, is beyond words!

My drugs make me tired, but when I am up and going, I

feel like the world is my oyster!

Welcome back to Great Britian ticker! Thanks for looking after

me, and making another memory!




Homeward bound?...

by The Squirrell 24. September 2010 03:17

No emails or messages from Mr O'Leary,

so assume I am still homeward bound




Just 2 hours of the joy that is a cramped

Ryanair plane!


(No complaints really, it was going CHEAP,

like the Budgie!)


Keep fingers crossed!



by The Squirrell 22. September 2010 10:41

I was less than delighted to just recieve an email from Mr O'leary

AKA Ryanair, to tell me that (Due to French strike) my

return flight home was now cancelled tomorow!....


(Luckily I packed a few extra days pills, just in case, or BIG problems!)


I asked Micheal O'Leary if he'd drive over on the ferry and bring

me home instead?..........


(I thought that was reasonable?!)


He was less than sympathetic!.....  



Fruit picking Matt Style.....

by The Squirrell 21. September 2010 04:20

Made it back to Lauriere ( and back to Toms for few days.)


After a few hours kip, the warmth of the sun drew me into

the garden, where he was picking his apples and MAMOUTH

crop of plums etc!


I consulted with Tom and suggested a new fruit/Apple collection

system I had invented! The idea was simple (as most are!) and assuming the

harvester had the appropriate tool, skill, and  had the correct

volume of chemicals intaken it was fool proof!


After a few demonstration harvests, Tom seemed a natural at it !




Angouleme 2010....

by The Squirrell 19. September 2010 13:38

Made it to Angouleme for the Vintage and Classic street race....

ty of fabulous old cars, and no sign of a Health and Safety Rep '!


It was a wonderful display of French eccentricity at it's best! They just shut the

roads to form a circuit of all the main and side roads, put in full armco and a (loosely

termed!)  safety fence and then they let the Luni's race each other around the town!

It's like Monaco for the masses, (not a pretensious display of wealth like Monaco GPs!)


The highlight for me was the sun drenched cathederal at dusk, with entrance blocked by

a Grand stand of seats, the timing/officcials cabin by the stained glass window,

and start line for the Sunday race right out side! (I hope they all had good voices at mass??!)


I also just adored a beatiful little Alfa Zagato sppedster! (The red one!) My favourite car there!


We didn't pre-book tickets so entry (under cover of darkness) was essential to the

over "genre" of my "Typical Matt" French adventure!


I have NEVER seen a full race grid of JUST old Bugattis.


Tom and I drove down in a camper and parked in a public car park and craftily slept

there to! (& only 1 note on windscreen asking us to move in the morning!) 








Adventure De francais'!....

by The Squirrell 16. September 2010 14:00

Decided to pop my travelling cherry!...

I have not been abroad since my transplant (although I wanted to,

a couple of health hiccups prevented this.) I decided it was time to

break my duck,and set off on a solo adventure through France!

I fancied watching the race in Angouleme in southern France,

so flew to Limoge, to see my old friends Tom and Cynthia, and

then make my way down for the weekend race!

Things are off to a good start!... I have arrived at Toms, and after a couple

of hours sleep, I offered to help in the garden!

Toms GIANT hedge needed cutting, so we devised a safe and effective way

to reach and cut the hedge! We balanced and scaffold in a trailer and towed it!

It may LOOK risky, but strangley, as we both wore berets, had a glass of wine

with lunch, and had a Fiat axle in the tractor we satisfied ALL the French health

and safety criteria!!   :-)





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