GOT to get me one!.......

by The Squirrell 29. September 2009 23:29

GOT to get me one of these?!!.....


Unbelievable!!..... :-(

by The Squirrell 27. September 2009 18:31

I was repotting a plant outside on a table....

When my cat jumped up to "help"!!...

He reversed up to the plant, and decided to help

me with the watering?!

Great end to my Sunday!.........PI**SED ON BY MY OWN CAT!!

:-(      (But laughing secretly!)





Woo Hoo!!.....

by The Squirrell 21. September 2009 22:34

Went to QEH today for rejection biopsy/Operation.

Results are in....


(Hopefully no more proddings for a month now?!)





by The Squirrell 21. September 2009 12:46

West Midlands Safari Park!....

Decided to take the 3 kids up to QEH to, so they

could see what the tests are like, and for them to

see 1st hand what procedures a Transplant reciepient

has to accept as part of the commitment to his/her new organ.

Kids were very understanding and comprehended it all well (They

have ALWAYS had things explained to them right up to Transplant

and afterwards, and have been great with "take your pills!" reminders

and "Whats the weight today?" etc!)

As a "Reward" we took them to West Midlands Safari Park afterwards!

(Although I was still abit sore!)

Beautiful creatures! BUT IT HONKED WITH RAIN ALL DAY!.... :-(

Luckily I keep some disposable "ponchos" in the car, so we all

donned our glorified bin bags, smiled, and plucked up our

"Bulldog Spirit" and soldiered on! (We all wanted to do the

rollercoasters! )

WE GOT SOAKED... But enjoyed the time together....



Silverstone-Le Mans series!!

by The Squirrell 15. September 2009 11:24


Felt a bit poo on Friday, but dragged my butt out of bed,

and went to Silverstone to see the rare Le Mans series

racers! (GLAD I DID!)

My BRDC pass got me right into pits etc, and usage of the

amazing view from the BRDC suite! Not sure which car I would

like the most?!! Here's a FEW pics to show you what was racing!





Build Dem Muscles!

by The Squirrell 8. September 2009 11:55

Time to get back to strength!

Having spent so much time in QEH, I lost ALOT

of muscle mass. I have been working hard regaining

my fitness and muscles.

I have discovered a theraputic and relaxing way to regain

my arm muscles etc. I'd recomend it to anyone!  :-)



Robin Hood?!


Slow but sure!......

by The Squirrell 2. September 2009 19:28

New heart.......

New outlook.....

New car......

1st race!!.....

Bank holiday Monday saw the new, revitalised "Matt" do his

first race, with the new ticker! Ticker and driver did well (3rd place!)

Considering it's been 10?years since I drove competatively, I did

ok, and held my own I think? Was exhausted by the end of the

day, and a bit sore from the G forces etc, but "no pain no gain"?!

Back to QEH in Sept, so hopefully no damage done??!  ;-)



About Matt.

My name's Matt. I was born with a congenital heart defect which hampered me in my youth, and sadly became a terminal conditon recently, and beyond the (amazing) care of the BRI-Bristol Heart team.

In 2008, my condition deteriorated, to a point I was happy to see Xmas 2008. I had prepared to die.

Then in January 2009, a late night phone call from QEH-Hospital Birmingham changed my world, when they offered me a heart transplant, if I could get there pronto!!

6 months on, after a rocky start, I am still alive, thanks to them!

Read on to see how my new life is taking shape, and my adventures to date!....



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