by The Squirrell 28. August 2014 00:48

I planned and booked a "surprise" trip to Chester

for Jane.


A wonderful city and area in my opinion. We had a

lovely few days there, and I even managed to get her

a "behind the scenes" opportunity to spend time with all

Chester Zoos elephants!


My health has been bad, due to a "bug" which has hit me hard.

My suppressed immune system cannot cope with things like it

did, so these bugs hit hard and fast, and it knocks it out of me

a bit, so walking round Chester/Zoo etc was hard going, (BUT ultimately

worth it !)




......Life's there to be lived !!


Carpe Diem !!!




by The Squirrell 18. August 2014 00:36

My Jane has family in Dover, so we decided to

pay them an overdue visit!!


We took in the "Sights" and my heart climbed ALL the steps

to Dover castles main"Keep" !!



"Keep on ticking please ticker, we are almost at the top!!"


A lovely few days with the family. (And an excuse for Hotel bed bouncing!)




Steam day !

by The Squirrell 15. August 2014 23:27

Today the Lad and I went on a "Boys Adventure"!

(And Grampy to!)


We did it in "Typical Matt" style, with no prior planning

or organisation skill !........ A spontaneous decision over

his and I's our toast this morning!!


He is fascinated with anything steam, so we found a posh

bakers, packed a picnic and found a steam railway to

spend the day with (and ON!)


Was a lovely sunny day, relaxing with my 2 favourite chaps!


(On the way home Grampy was instructed "Don't let him nap

on the way home.... Or he won't go to bed tonight!".... See the last picture!)





Steam Fair...

by The Squirrell 9. August 2014 00:08

The lad and I went to a steam rally and modelers 

show over the course of this weekend !!

(My heart propelled me a treat, and stood up to the many

mile we walked, and carried the boy !!)


We both satisfied our appetites for anything

mechanical (despite its scale!!)


You have to admire the guys who devote many hours (and ££!)

to keeping our mechanical and social history alive AND running!!


See what you think...


(Bear in mind these are all hobbyists, working out of sheds at home?!!)



by The Squirrell 5. August 2014 23:57

Today I introduced the lad to Donkeys!


I am eager to get him "Up close" to as many experiences

as possible (Within reason - ie; NO to skydiving!) and

to as many Animals as possible so he learns to

respect them, and not be scared (Unduly) of them.


I was very proud Dad as he showed respect, care, kindness,

and appropriate assertiveness all day.


Big thanks to Eiss for allowing him the free run of her Donkeys!!


(Also note the Helmet I chose to buy him! - Gotta love Joey Dunlop!!)



Gotta Love the UK weather....

by The Squirrell 4. August 2014 23:51

"Tried" to go clay shooting today....



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